In the preparations of our trip and also now that we are on the way, we have many questions that are not easy to find on the internet. How are the borders, what are the daily costs, is it easy to find an ATM and many more. This information is the most helpfull when received from other travelers.

On this page we try to share as many information per country as possible. We will refer to other websites and blogs, this is all without receiving anything in return. We just want to share the sources we have mainly used with you. 

The experiences of other travelers turned out to be the most usefull and we would like to share ourip experiences with you. If you are interested in any kind of overland trip, either through Africa or any other continent, please feel free to contact us with all your questions! Even if the questions seems to simpel, we also asked them to someone.

Now that we are on the way it may take some more time for us to reply on your email, try it via instagram!






Sierra Leone

Ivory Coast






South Africa

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