In spring 2016 we started looking around for a car for our big adventure.

We wanted to start early as we thought it would be quit a challenge to

find a car which would fit our requirements and our budget. Besides that

we wanted to learn to know the car ourselves before we would leave.

After we had travelled the whole country in the summer we found

our car in Haarlem. We bought the Land Rover Discovery II knowing there

were many adjustments to be made, which we did the past two years.

Thanks to the parents of Nicole we have been able to use a garage the

past year, where we have spent many hours to prepare The Disco. 

The following adjustments have been done the past two years:

Chassis: we have sanded and wire-brushed it completley down to the 

bare metal. After that we treated it with lineseed oil and a cheap chassis

protectorspray. This will protect the disco from rusting!

Tires: The disco has been fitted with 265-70-16 General Grabber AT2.

Why? Good reviews and a great price.

Suspension lift: Raised with 2" so we could fit the desired tires and get a 

little more ground clearance. Also it looks cool!

Chipped by Storm Tuning (England): A chiptuned Discovery is a different

machine! gives us more HP (139 vs 180) and benefits the consumption. Also we fitted a straight through exhaust and blanked the EGR.

Additional Battery: The disco has 2 optima blue top batteries. One for starting and an extra for our refridgerator and to have the possibility of charging some of our appliances. The 2 batteries are divided by a intelligent battery divider that makes sure the starterbattery is always full and the other battery is only loaded when the staterbattery is fully loaded.

Difflock: The discovery has been fitted with a transfercase and most of those transfercases have beenfitted with a difflock mechanism, although at not all discovery's this has been connected to the gearinglever. We have connected this so we can use the difflock!

Snorkel: We have fitted a snorkel, not only so we can wade through deep water, but also to keep the dunesand out of our airfilter!

HD steel bumper and treesliders: for some extra safety heavy duty front bumper and treesliders!

Selfmade closets and drawers: So we can safely pack all our stuff into the disco.

RTT Rooftoptent: We chose aan eezi awn after a lot of good advice from

Roofrack: To fit our RTT and jerrycans with diesel. Also it will hold our boxes with clothes and a ledbar.

Extend Breather: When a hot differential/transfercase/gearbox hits cold water it will need some air to ''breath'' thats why there is a breather tube beneath the car. What you don't want is those breather to be under water when wading. Thats why the breathters are extended to the top of the snorkel

Heavy Duty Torque converter: When our gearbox broke we had the oppurtunity to add a V8 torque converter. This is bigger which means there is less slip in the converter. Thus power will be provided better towards the gearbox. Also it will last longer.

Tinted windows: Makes it harder to look inside and see our stuff and keeps the car cool(ish)

Airsuspension: We did not really add this, but it is cool to mention we kept the airsuspension. This makes it able to level the car so we can sleep on a flat surface!

What spares we will carry:

5L oil








Shockabsorbers F+R



27MM ratchet cap for the wheel hubs

Starter motor revision set

Airpump revision set

Tie wraps

Duct tape