For a long trip like this there are quite some preparations necessary but we were not aware that there was so much to arrange upfront. Besides setting out a route en decide which must see's we would like to see, it turned out there is much more to prepare for. Unfortunately there are so many other things we have to prepare we did not really had the time to do so but we will have time for this the whole next year! 


Half a year ago we went to the GGD to check which vaccins we would need for our trip. It turned out we needed quite some vaccins, hepatitis A/B, DTP, Yellow Fever, Rabies and meningitus. Furthermore we are bringing malariapills for half a year, Nicole will take Lariam and Maarten will take Malerone. 

To make sure we always have clean drinkingwater we have bought a Life Saver water jerrycan. This will purify water so we can drink from every tap and if would want to even from local creeks.


Travelling through Africa will brings certain risks. This is one of the reasons we decided for the west coast route and we will not cross all countries in Africa. On our way we will stay in contact with the embassies and keep an eye on the travel advise of the government. Furthermore there is a whatsapp group available for alle who travel through Africa, where people keep eachother up to date on the road. We will bring a Spot Gen3. This device will track us via GPS all the time, very nice for our parents! But more important, when in trouble we will use the SOS button and a rescue team will do their utmost to find us. 


We have applied for a multiple entry visa for NIgera which we have received three days before departure. As a visa for Nigeria is not easy to receive we have used the Visum Centrale CIBT, they have arranged almost everything for us. For all the other countries we will arrange our visa on the road as this should not be a problem, this way we can decide ourselves where to go when. 


Car-insurance: We will suspend our car as soon as we leave Europe and our Dutch insurance will be terminated. In Africa we will insure our car at the border of every country with a local third party insurance. On the road we will check if the brown/yellow card is an option for us. 

Health-insurance: We are not allowed to stop our Dutch health insurance. You can apply at the SVB, who will decide whether you can keep your insurance or stop it. As we already know we do not meet the requirements to stop our insurance we did not even apply at the SVB.

Travel-insurance: We let Joho inform us about the travel insurance which we would need and it turned out the ISIS insurance is the most suitable one for us. All medical care which is not covered via the health insurance will be covered via this insurance even as many other situations we rather not think about.

Our house

We rent our house and have permission to rent it to friends of ours for the upcoming year. This means we will have our house back when we come home next year.


We both quit our jobs per the end of March. We both have our last working day on March 7th, so we have more than two weeks to prepare before we leave. 

Carnet de Passage

We have investigated the option of a Carnet de Passage. As you can not leave your car in onother country than your own when using a CDP, we have decided not to travel with a CDP. On every border we are crossing we will need to get a temporary import permit to import our car. This will cost us some more paperwork, time and discussions but at the end of our trip we will be able to make the decission to leave the car and travel back home by airplane, without losing our deposit of €5000,00.


Eventhough we are travelling with our own car we are limited with our space and budget. We will be self-sufficient on our way. We have taken care for a life safer jerrycan, a hand shower, a coleman stove brander, a rooftoptent and many other very helpfull things. If you are interested in making a trip like this yourself and would like to know what we all bring, please contact us here