We have planned a year for our trip from IJmuiden (near Amsterdam) to Cape Town. When planning our trip we have chosen to avoid some countries of Africa. We have considered to travel through east Africa but due to safety reasons we have decided to travel the west coast. We have decided which countries we would like to visit but have not mapped out any routes yet. On the road we will decided where we go and what we would like to see. 

During our trip nothing has been booked or planned yet. Most probably we will need to be in Nigeria for our visa by August. Late September the parents of Nicole will be in Namibia/Botswana and we will do our utmost to be there in time. Afterwards we will drive straight to Tanzania, where we will meet up with Maarten's family.


After all the family visits we will drive slowely to Cape Town. Once arrived there we will stay for a while at Nicole's host family from an earlier trip. 

At the moment this is our idea/plan for this year but we are very curious what the upcoming year will bring us!